Element Lad vs Shigaraki

Suggested by iKnowledge Element Lad has the elements with him and so he’s a very well balanced fighter but he’s not the most powerful one around. Shigaraki doesn’t need any powers to win this because of just how insane his speed and attack power is. He will be able to easily get in there and take Element Lad down for the count. The kid probably won’t even see him coming and doesn’t have the durability to even outlast one punch. Shigaraki wins.

Lori Morning vs Shigaraki

Suggested by iKnowledge Lori Morning has the ability to turn into many different heroes due to her dial but none of them are strong enough to give this guy a tough challenge. Shigaraki can destroy his opponents with a single touch and now he can also fire off destruction waves. His physical abilities are also at an extremely high level so all he needs is one big punch and that would be the end. Lori has no forms that can counter any of these attacks. Shigaraki wins.