Romin Kassidy vs Meguru Bachira

Meguru is back but this time he’s going to be a little out of luck. Romin has a formidable collection of monsters and the hungrier she gets, the more strategic she is. So dragging this match out won’t be good for the soccer star but he has no attacks that can get past her waves of defenses so at the end of the day he is really doomed no matter how you slice it. Romin Kassidy wins.

Meguru Bachira vs Shirayuki

Shirayuki may be able to use a sword/knife as needed in combat but Meguru is someone who has had to live on the battlefield known as a soccer stadium. He has to dodge fast hits and move like lightning. He has every physical advantage over Shirayuki and is just more experienced in combat. She will not be able to defeat him with her current abilities and only after a lot of training would she possibly stand a chance. Meguru Bachira wins.