Crusher (Beyblade) vs Ming-Ming

These two are teammates who have even teamed up in the past. Their abilities are at fairly similar levels but Crusher has more impressive showings under his belt like taking down Ray and giving Tyson a close fight. Ming-Ming’s blade isn’t equipped for taking on a pure power type like Crusher’s and will be overwhelmed here. Crusher (Beyblade) wins.

Ming-Ming vs Hilary

Hilary is a very enthusiastic character in Beyblade but she’s not going to be doing much in this fight. Ming-Ming ended up being one of the strongest heroines in the original Beyblade series. You can even make a strong case that she was the most powerful one. Hilary has shown virtually 0 skill in the dish and would quickly be overwhelmed by Ming Ming’s quick fighting style. Ultimately that will be Hilary’s downfall. Ming-Ming wins.