Bass vs Mittens

Mittens is a tough little cat, but I’m afraid that 9 lives won’t be enough to stop someone like Bass. Bass is simply too strong and too fast to lose in this round. He has a large array of attacks at his disposal like Darkness Overload and Earthbreaker. I can’t think of any way that Mittens could survive a whole planet being destroyed so that would be the end of the fight. Bass wins.


Jiji vs Mittens

Suggested by JHG195 This may be a tough fight as Mittens seems to be larger and more imposing than Jiji, but is afraid of being hurt and combat. The question is really whether she will be able to overcome this once the fight begins or if she will be held back. In a fight or flight moment like this I’m confident that she would be able to overcome her fears. This isn’t to say that Jiji is a pushover at all, but simply won’t be strong enough to stop Mittens in this match. It’ll be a close fight all the way through. Mittens wins.