Mokujin vs Orko

Suggested by Sonic Mokujin is a powerful fighter who has mastered hand to hand combat. His rock type body also increases his durability but it’s not going to be enough against a mage like Orko. Orko has a whole bag of tricks up his sleeve with all kinds of magical blasts at the ready. Mokujin has no way to dodge and Orko is much more agile since he can fly. Orko wins.

Mokujin vs Bass

Mokujin took a win earlier, but now it’s time to take a loss against Bass! Bass is just far too powerful and he’s also quite fast as well! Yep, you don’t want to mess with that kind of power! Bass gets yet another win and keeps on getting higher up the ranks! Bass wins.

Mr Timbertoe vs Mokujin

Mr Timbertoe is one of those guys that you can’t underestimate! Still, he’s not quite a match for Mokujin now is he? Mokujin is a much better fighter and with a single punch he can cause some pretty intense destruction! Mr Timbertoe loses his debut match, but he tried. Mokujin wins.