Mokujin vs Orko

Suggested by Sonic Mokujin is a powerful fighter who has mastered hand to hand combat. His rock type body also increases his durability but it’s not going to be enough against a mage like Orko. Orko has a whole bag of tricks up his sleeve with all kinds of magical blasts at the ready. Mokujin has no way to dodge and Orko is much more agile since he can fly. Orko wins.

Orko vs Bass

Bass is the strongest being in all of media and this is the perfect time to prove it to everybody! With a single blast he can cause some pretty intense damage! Not even Orko could try and take down a being so fierce…and yet so powerful! Bass has got this match with ease. Bass wins.

Killer Whale vs Orko

The Killer Whale makes his debut in this round, but in the end he won’t be able to take down Orko! Orko has some pretty good magic skills and he can be a deadly fighter when he has too. Killer Whales are very big which helps a lot, but in the end they aren’t big enough. Orko wins.