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One Above All (Marvel) vs Bass

The One Above All is an immensely powerful being. I don’t think it’s possible to actually give the guy as much credit as he is due with mere words, but of course I shall try. The thing is, Bass is still on a completely different level from this guy. Bass is incredibly fast so it’s not like anyone can actually keep up with him and his Earthbreaker attack will deal massive damage to this giant. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall. Bass wins.

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One Above All (Marvel) vs One Above All


Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All is a being above any other, but you could say the same for the other one as well. Both of them are from Marvel after all so who is to say which character is actually the strongest? I’m gonna go with the huge one since we’ve actually seen him fire energy blasts and hurl planets. I think he would be able to win this match preeeetty easily. One Above All (Marvel) wins.