Lapras vs Poliwrath

Suggested by Sonic Poliwrath is a strong fighter and I would say he can hold his own with the water and ice abilities. Ultimately his speed is what will keep him ahead of Lapras all the way through. It’s hard to see Lapras being quick enough to dodge or evade the blows for very long and that will make the difference in this fight. You need to be able to dodge some attacks here and there in order to win. Poliwrath wins.

Poliwrath vs Bass

Poliwrath is back, but he needs to take a loss. Bass is just far too powerful and is pretty much unbeatable. Actually he is unbeatable! Poliwrath’s water powers just won’t be able to take on Bass’s awesome power. One day Bass will rise to 300 wins and show the world his power! Bass wins.

Sergeant Keroro vs Poliwrath

Sergeant Keroro seems like a tough guy and can shoot some pretty powerful energy blasts. Of course Poliwrath can spam his various beams like Icebeam, Hyperbeam, and others. Poliwrath is also very strong physically and is durable. Poliwrath wins his first fight and rises up the blog ranks. Poliwrath wins.