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Purple Man vs Raven

Suggested by iKnowledge The Purple Man is pretty good at manipulating people. Once he is in your thoughts it can be game over, but Raven has dealt with literal demons in her head. His abilities definitely wouldn’t have much of an effect on her and once it becomes a physical battle on the outside then he really has no shot here. Raven is on a whole other level compared to this guy and all she has to do is conjure a few shadow monsters to end him in an instant. There can only be one master of the shadows. Raven wins.

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Lazerman vs Purple Man

The Purple Man makes his debut in this round and shows the world that it’s never too late to join the blog. Still, I think it’s safe to say that he won’t be defeating Lazerman. Lazerman is far too powerful and his disruption blast would take Purple Man down in an instant. The Purple Man will be back…maybe. Lazerman wins.