Real Neat Blog Award activated!

Hey all, I got nominated for the Real Neat Blog award from Jiraiyan of Otaku Orbit. Check out his site for various anime reviews such as My Hero Academia, manga reviews like the latest One Piece chapters, and many other related posts!

So how the award works if the person who nominated you for it attaches a list of questions which I have put below. Then you answer all of the questions and nominate other bloggers. So lets take a look at the questions.

1. What anime from before 2020 are planning on watching?

I look forward to watching the original Sakura Wars anime and the Transformers Unicron trilogy from a while back. I know Sakura Wars from the Wii game which was pretty engaging and Transformers always guarantees a pretty fun experience. I’ve heard that the trilogy is some of the best titles in the franchise so I look forward to seeing if that’s true.

2. Which video game, tv show or movie are you looking forward to in 2020?

Definitely a lot of options here. I gotta go with Sword Art Online Alicization: Lycoris. That game looks like it should be amazing and an excellent adaption of the most ambitious arc in the franchise. It’s certainly been a long wait for it so I’m really hoping it lives up to the hype. There’s nothing I would quite put above that for 2020.

3. Which anime genre is your favorite and why?

Definitely action although that’s a bit broad. If I were to narrow it down then I would say Shonen Jump. Titles like DBZ, Bleach, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, etc are all the kinds of titles that end up being my favorite. I just love a good light hearted action title with plenty of fight scenes and a great ensemble of characters. As the series go on they expand the cast and develop everybody so then you care about the fights even more. It also helps you go back and re-live the older fights since you know the characters so well now. It is very rare for me to find a Shonen Jump title that I’m not a big fan of. They even somehow made a harem-romance title (Nisekoi) that actually wasn’t crazy and had some well developed characters.

4. Is there an anime or manga series that you want to give a second look?

Definitely the manga titles for Hitman Reborn and Medaka Box. The former had some of my favorite fight scenes of all time and I remember the series being Top 5 at its peak. I’d love to revisit it and remember how awesome it all was. Medaka Box had one of the most colorful casts I’d ever seen and the fight with Iihiko was crazy. That’s a title where I don’t remember the earlier arcs as well as I’d like to it’d be a cool revisit. I tend to revisit most shows via fights on Youtube, but complete re-watches/re-reads are a lot rarer though.

5. What’s your favorite anime studio?

I gotta go with Studio Pierrot on this one. I don’t necessarily think they have the best animation out of all studios (I’ve actually got a post on that in the works. They are top 3 though) but they are super consistent and I like a lot of their shows. Currently they work on Black Clover which is the greatest ongoing anime if you ask me. They also handled amazing titles like Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho so I can always count on them delivering amazing adaptions and top notch content. They never seem to phone anything in.

6. Do you read manga? Why or Why not?

Definitely, I enjoy manga quite a lot. What I like about manga is it’s like speed running an anime. For example I once read over 20 volumes of Prince of Tennis in a single day and it would be impossible to cover the same amount of content in such a period of time in the anime. Likewise you can read the whole DBZ manga in a day but there’s no way you could do that for the anime. I like the anime for clearing things up and bringing the fight scenes to life. Additionally an anime usually helps to complete my impression of the manga. In most cases the anime will ultimately win, but there are some manga that are the definitive versions for me like Megaman NT Warrior, Toriko, One Punch Man, and more if I were to think about it long enough. Sometimes reading an event and then watching it right after can also be fun to see how closely it mirrors the story. Often times the only thing that takes some getting used to are hair colors which I thought to be different from reading the stories.

7. What’s your favorite anime arc?

Hmm, this is a tough one. RWBY is my favorite anime, but none of the arcs would be quite long enough. It really comes down to Link Joker (Cardfight Vanguard), Hueco Mundo (Bleach), Monster Association (One Punch Man) and the Yubel saga. (Yugioh GX) Since the MA arc is still going I suppose I won’t count that. Hueco Mundo was crazy awesome and super long with a lot of fights, but did have a few that I didn’t really care about. Ultimately I’ve got to go with the Yubel saga. I feel like it went on a straight line of intensity from start to finish with no real breaks for air and a whole lot of stakes. More characters died in that saga than I had expected and even Jaden ended up breaking temporarily under the strain. It’s such a tense arc that I could definitely re-watch right now.

Those are all of my answers! The awards are always a lot of fun because I just like answering questions. In regard to who I nominate for the award, anyone reading this please take this as an opportunity to write a post on this. I think it’s a fun activity for everyone to partake in. My 7 questions are:

1. What’s one video game that needs a sequel?
2. What villain in media had a goal that you most sympathized with?
3. What was your favorite anime battle of 2019?
4. What’s a food you hope to try for the first time in 2020?
5. Which character in RWBY who does not have a song deserves to get one in volume 8?
6. What song have you listened to the most in 2019?
7. When was the last time you cleaned up your blog? (Deleting spam, re-arranging categories, checking settings, etc)