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Syaoran vs James Bond

Syaoran is a skilled swordsman and his attacks are all very potent. James Bond may have his gun at the ready, but it wont be enough. Syaoran can definitely deflect bullets if he needs too. Bond is definitely out of his league in this round and he taken a solid loss. Maybe James Bond will get a new win to add to his record someday…maybe. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Toya Kinomoto

Syaoran is pretty good with a sword and he can definitely outfight Toya Kinomoto. Toya Kinomoto may know some basic hand to hand combat, or at least how to punch, but it won’t be enough. Syaoran is far too powerful and one good shot is all he needs to take down many opponents. Nobody will get in his way. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Madoushi

Madoushi is a pretty skilled fighter and her water manipulation can be dangerous, but Syaoran is quick enough to stay out of her attack range. His abilities are pretty fierce and he’s definitely skilled with a sword. This is one match that I believe Syaoran can win. Maybe Madoushi will be back someday. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Spinel Sun

Spinel Sun makes his blog debut, but he won’t be able to defeat Syaoran. Syaoran has his cards and with them, he’s a pretty skilled warrior. Spinel Sun may have been a pretty tough guy in the cardcaptors series, but in the end he just wasn’t tough enough. He won’t be able to stand up to Syaoran for long. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Cerberus (Cardcaptor)

Cerberus (Cardcaptor) is pretty tough and all, but he doesn’t have the battle experience that Syaoran has. Syaoran is a pretty capable fighter and let’s not forget that he has some cards of immense power. Cerberus (Cardcaptor) is fast, but he won’t be fast enough in this round. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Fei Wong

Fei Wong makes his debut match on the blog, but he won’t be able to defeat Syaoran. Syaoran is a much better fighter and he has some pretty good battle experience. Fei Wong has a lot of magic, but he won’t be able to match Syaoran’s speed. Fei Wong drops down the blog ranks with this loss. Syaoran wins.

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Syaoran vs Bass

Bass is the strongest being in all of media. None can take him down. Syaoran may have some pretty hardcore techniques, but in the end they aren’t enough to defeat Bass. Bass is just far too powerful and wins every time. Soon he will crack 200 wins and then the world will see his true power. Bass wins.

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Zane vs Syaoran

Well Zane moves higher in the world, but I’m afraid Syaoran is still stuck and is now falling. He just wasn’t a match for Zane’s incredible power. Zane just can’t lose. Syaoran might come back one day. Zane wins.

But, thanks to power ups in Tsubasa, Syaoran is much stronger than Zane. Syaoran wins.