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Tetsuo Shima vs Guyver

Suggested by Anonymous Tetsuo Shima is definitely quite powerful. He was able to fly into space in an instant and he caused an explosion that could wipe away a city. Guyver will have to be at the top of his game here. Tetsuo may actually have the edge against Guyver with speed, but his defense is considerably lower. I think Guyver can also take Tetsuo’s best shots long enough to dish out his own. Guyver will land the hits and Tetsuo’s fragile defense will be the end of him. Guyver wins.

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Bass vs Tetsuo Shima

Tetsuo Shima is a force to be reckoned with, but in the end he won’t be able to defeat Bass. Bass has his darkness overload and he’s far too powerful to be stopped. Tetsuo Shima also can’t hope to match up against Bass’s overwhelming speed. Another win goes to Bass’s record. Bass wins.