Starbreaker vs Ultimator

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a clash of some of DC’s most powerful villains. Starbreaker has strength and speed that even exceed that of Superman. He is powered with thousands of suns and universes behind him so this guy is pretty serious. Meanwhile you have the Ultimator who is a whole universe in himself. That’s certainly pretty impressive in itself but the guy doesn’t really have any combat feats. Let me tell you, that’s what is going to hurt him here. Starbreaker has actually traded blows in the past and done a lot of heavy lifting. That’s what separates him from Ultimator. Starbreaker wins.

Ultimator vs Bass

The Ultimator is incredibly powerful and he can even try to fight Bass if he wants! Of course Bass will still beat him because Bass is too powerful! No being can ever hope to take him down! The Ultimator may have lost this round, but not the war. Bass wins.