Viral vs Arthur

Viral is back and now he is up against Arthur. Arthur may be a tough guy in a fight, but he still wont be able to win this round. Viral is just too fast for him and he has the skill advantage as well. It’s a little sad for Arthur fans to see him taking these losses, but the important thing is that he gave the battle his all! Viral wins.

Simon (Gurren Lagann) vs Viral

Viral is back, but I’m afraid that he is going to have to take a loss. Simon is a pretty powerful and he may be one of the strongest beings of all time! It is definitely something that you may want to think about when someone compares him to Beet, The Legendary Vandel Buster! Still, it’s always good to see Simon take a win on the blog! Simon wins.

Viral vs One Above All

Viral is a pretty intense villain from Gurren Lagann. He has a nifty theme song and his close combat skills are impressive. The One Above All wont be able to beat such an opponent. The One Above All doesn’t really have a good track record on the blog, so I doubt that anyone is really surprised by this loss. Viral wins.