Bob Makihara vs Conan The Barbarian

Suggested by iKnowledge This is definitely a pretty close fight. Both of these guys have a good amount of super strength. Conan might have the slight edge there, but Bob counters with his ki abilities as well as his ability to predict attacks thanks to his rhythm abilities. I’d say that’s the deciding factor here. Their level of strength is close enough where this prediction ability will really help Bob win. He can dodge many more attacks and keep landing counters until he will have secured victory. Bob Makihara wins.

Bob Makihara vs Hayate

Suggested by iKnowledge Bob Makihara and Hayate are both very skilled fighters. Bob can incorporate rhythm into his fights which allows him to evade more hits than he usually could. He also does have superhuman strength. Then you have Hayate who can fight hand to hand or with a blade. He’s a lot faster than Bob which is his big advantage here. Hayate can weave his way in and out of danger and slowly try to get closer to victory. Both of these fighters also have a long range blast option. Ultimately I would side with Hayate here as his speed should be key, but it’s a close fight. Hayate wins.