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Bayonetta vs Dust

Dust and Bayonetta are back from their respective wins. Dust has some pretty good powers, but Bayonetta’s speed and gun skills will grant her the win in this round. Dust just couldn’t take her down this time. Maybe Dust will get another match in the future. Bayonetta wins.

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Dust vs Bass

Dust is back, but this time she’s up against Bass! Taking someone as powerful as Bass down is something that not many can accomplish. In fact…no being can defeat Bass! Bass is the strongest being who has ever lived and he will continue to rack up more and more wins. Bass wins.

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Eric Cartman vs Dust

Eric Cartman makes his debut onto the blog along with Dust! Eric Cartman has his superhero alter ego, but I don’t think it’s good enough to fight Dust. Her dust powers are pretty dangerous and she will use them to achieve victory! Eric Cartman drops down the ranks with this loss. Dust wins.