Koga (Inuyasha) vs Farnese

Suggested by iKnowledge Koga is a strong fighter with a good amount of speed and strength. He specializes in combat with his claws as he slices his opponents away. Farnese has some magical abilities such as elemental blasts but she isn’t really used to combat in the same way that Koga is. His experience and skills will be the deciding factor here. Koga (Inuyasha) wins.

Farnese vs Fang (FF)

Suggested by iKnowledge Farnese has never been much of a fighter. She has trained long and hard to change this though and has now gotten to the point where her magical abilities can aid herself and others. She’s no longer someone that can be pushed around, but she’s not quite as Fang’s level. Fang has her Bahamut summon in addition to a large array of physical and magical spells. I don’t really see Farnese being able to do a whole lot against an exceptional fighter like this. Fang is just way too versatile. Fang (FF) wins.