Farnese vs Fang (FF)

Suggested by iKnowledge Farnese has never been much of a fighter. She has trained long and hard to change this though and has now gotten to the point where her magical abilities can aid herself and others. She’s no longer someone that can be pushed around, but she’s not quite as Fang’s level. Fang has her Bahamut summon in addition to a large array of physical and magical spells. I don’t really see Farnese being able to do a whole lot against an exceptional fighter like this. Fang is just way too versatile. Fang (FF) wins.

Fang (FF) vs Videl

Suggested by Sonic Videl is a pretty fun character and she did well to learn the abilities of flight and energy blasts. That said, her power level is quite low so she won’t be able to take the win here. Her best shot would be to immediately rush Fang but Fang has her summon at the ready along with a ton of elemental attacks. When you take all of that into consideration I just don’t see how Videl could do much here. She’s not ready to fight such a versatile fighter. Fang (FF) wins.

Fang (FF) vs Lightning

Fang (FF) is back after not fighting for a super long time. Sadly for her, this wasn’t the best timing to come back! Lightning’s been on a bit of a role lately and that won’t be broken in this fight! Fang (FF) lacks the skills to take down someone as powerful as Lightning! Lightning wins.

Miss Frizzle vs Fang (FF)

Miss Frizzle may have been tough back in her day, but she can’t defeat Fang (FF). Fang is an FF fighter and knows how to fight. Miss Frizzle has her gadgets and with them she can try and land a hit on Fang. Of course in the end she’ll fail. Fang is far too fast and powerful to lose. Fang (FF) wins.