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Miss Frizzle vs Anguirus

The Magic School Bus
Suggested by Destroyer You can’t help but feel bad for Miss Frizzle here. She’s one of the best teachers in all of media, but there’s no way that she can hope to defeat a Kaiju as powerful as Anguirus. This monster may not have any energy blasts, but he could simply start rolling and one hit would mean the end for Miss Frizzle. Her ingenuity and intricate planning won’t save her this time I’m afraid and surrendering is her only option. Anguirus wins.

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Miss Frizzle vs Fang (FF)

Miss Frizzle may have been tough back in her day, but she can’t defeat Fang (FF). Fang is an FF fighter and knows how to fight. Miss Frizzle has her gadgets and with them she can try and land a hit on Fang. Of course in the end she’ll fail. Fang is far too fast and powerful to lose. Fang (FF) wins.