Kid Roll vs Videl

Suggested by Sonic Videl learned some basic energy based abilities like being able to fly but on the whole she is still just an ordinary person. Roll isn’t typically known as a fighter but she can absolutely mix it up when needed. Thanks to the Marvel vs Capcom games she got a super form known as Hyper Roll. In this form all of her abilities have been greatly amped up and so has her firepower. Videl would have a tough time dodging these attacks for very long and doesn’t have the durability to tank them. Kid Roll wins.

Fang (FF) vs Videl

Suggested by Sonic Videl is a pretty fun character and she did well to learn the abilities of flight and energy blasts. That said, her power level is quite low so she won’t be able to take the win here. Her best shot would be to immediately rush Fang but Fang has her summon at the ready along with a ton of elemental attacks. When you take all of that into consideration I just don’t see how Videl could do much here. She’s not ready to fight such a versatile fighter. Fang (FF) wins.

Videl vs Gohan

Gohan is back. Videl may be a strong fighter, but she still doesn’t have the same kind of power as Gohan. Gohan has super saiyan power and can destroy whole Solar Systems in a single blast. Videl may not even be a planet buster. She tried too fight Gohan on one occasion, but she’s never been a match. Gohan wins.

Zack (SF) vs Videl

Zack (SF) is back to pwn! He’s a cool kid who knows the score. Of course, Videl is more of a fighter and has been shown too fight guys like Broly! That’s some power! Zack (SF) needs more fighting abilities before he can fight with characters like Videl. He drops down the rankings. Videl wins.