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Ghost (GOT) vs Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2
This is a tribute to the 3rd Sherlock Holmes film. Ghost may be a strong dog, but even he isn’t ready for this detective. Holmes will realize what the optimal way to fight Ghost is and then act upon it. Holmes has his cane and a gun at the ready so he is properly armed. Ghost may be a smart dog, but I’m afraid that this still isn’t enough to go up against the world’s greatest detective. Sherlock Holmes wins.

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Ghost (GOT) vs Bolt

Suggested by JHG195 It’s time for a double debut! Bolt was the star of his own film. He is just an ordinary dog as unfortunately for him all of his super powers were just special effects. He is still a tough fighter though. Then we have Ghost from the Game of Thrones show who may have been small next to his kin, but is still a lot bigger than Bolt. I think it’s clear who would win a physical confrontation here. Bolt just ultimately doesn’t stand a chance. Ghost (GOT) wins.