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William Stryker vs Gipsy Danger

Suggested by Sonic William Stryker has returned and he is ready to claim some wins. It’ll be tough though as he needs to go through Gipsy Danger to do it. His only shot is his Age of Apocalypse persona where he became known as The Prophet. In this form he had a good energy cannon and went up against top tier threats like Wolverine and Dr. Doom. This is actually a fairly good fight as a result, but I guess I would probably go with Danger at the moment. I haven’t seen enough to suggest that Stryker’s cannon would be all that effective here. Gipsy Danger wins.

Battles, Gipsy Danger Battles, Godzilla Battles

Gipsy Danger vs Godzilla

Gipsy Danger is a pretty skilled robot and his attacks can deal some massive amounts of damage. Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and never goes down without a fight. Gipsy Danger is pretty skilled, but he’s not quite at Godzilla’s level. He lacks experience and Godzilla’s sheer will to win. Godzilla would definitely win in a beam fight and he’s very fierce in close combat. Godzilla wins.