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Yami Yugi vs Jaco

Suggested by Anonymous Jaco is a decent police officer and can actually put up a decent fight once he gets serious. That being said, he isn’t quite good enough to fend off Yami Yugi’s entire army. That will be way too much for him and I wonder if his gun could even injure the strongest monsters like Obelisk. I personally doubt it and that’s a big blow to Jaco’s chances. Yami Yugi wins.

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Bass vs Jaco

Bass has come under scrutiny over the years because of his speed feats that supposedly put him as being even faster than the Flash. He is definitely a figure of great controversy but in part, maybe that is why he is so hype. Either way, Jaco doesn’t stand a chance here. His little space gun certainly isn’t going to deal any damage and he won’t hit Bass in the first place. Bass wins.