John Wick vs Smitty

This is a tribute to John Wick 3. Even alone and outgunned, Wick was able to get himself out of a rather tricky spot. Smitty is one of those guys who may try to act at least a bit heroic but will fold immediately to any kind of peer pressure. The guy has no strength of will which makes him the complete opposite of John Wick. Smitty would not be able to focus on any goal for very long. John Wick wins.

Van Zant vs John Wick

This is a tribute to John Wick 2. Van Zant hasn’t fought in almost 10 years but this won’t be a big comeback victory for him. Wick is a very good shooter and he has proven himself to be very consistent in the second movie as well. Van Zant may land a shot but it won’t do much against Wick’s bulletproof coat. Meanwhile Wick is always good to go with the head shots. John Wick wins.

John Wick vs Icey

John Wick returns but he won’t be able to defeat Icey. Just as Wick has a singular focus on his target which makes him dangerous, Icey is just as obsessive when she needs to be. She is very powerful in close quarters combat due to her sheer speed and raw power. Wick would not be able to block her blows and is far too slow to tag her with a bullet. A human no matter how skilled just won’t be able to defeat an Android/robot like Icey. She is out of his league in this round. Icey wins.

Jef Costello vs John Wick

This is a tribute to the first John Wick film. While I had my issues with the film, you can’t deny that John Wick looked quite good in it. He took care of business and quickly avenged his dog. Jef may be a hitman as well, but he’s got nothing on John Wick. Wick is able to take on a full squad of opponents with ease. He’s an expert hand to hand fighter as well as gunman. Definitely not someone you want to mess with and especially in a one on one fight. There’s no way Costello lasts more than a minute. John Wick wins.