Van Zant vs John Wick

This is a tribute to John Wick 2. Van Zant hasn’t fought in almost 10 years but this won’t be a big comeback victory for him. Wick is a very good shooter and he has proven himself to be very consistent in the second movie as well. Van Zant may land a shot but it won’t do much against Wick’s bulletproof coat. Meanwhile Wick is always good to go with the head shots. John Wick wins.

Van Zant vs Buu

Van Zant knows how to kick things into overdrive. That’s why he takes a loss in this match. No matter what he does, he won’t be able to hurt Buu. Buu is just too powerful and has the power of a billion, billion suns. He could obliterate Van Zant in one blast, or even one punch for that matter. Buu wins.