John Wick vs Smitty

This is a tribute to John Wick 3. Even alone and outgunned, Wick was able to get himself out of a rather tricky spot. Smitty is one of those guys who may try to act at least a bit heroic but will fold immediately to any kind of peer pressure. The guy has no strength of will which makes him the complete opposite of John Wick. Smitty would not be able to focus on any goal for very long. John Wick wins.

Smitty vs Buu

Smitty may have been tough back in his day, but he’s not strong enough to take on Buu. Buu could destroy him by powering up. Smitty’s just not strong enough to win this battle. Smitty may never even fight again. If that happens he’ll barely be missed. Buu rises higher into the blog. Buu wins.