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Launch Octopus vs Misty

Suggested by Anonymous Launch Octopus may not be one of the most well known Megaman X villains, but he can definitely fight with the best of them. The guy’s got quite a lot of water based attacks at his disposal and is fairly quick. He will lose to sheer numbers though as Misty has quite a few Pokemon and they all known how to fight. Even her Togepi has grown more skilled as the seasons went on. Launch Octopus just isn’t ready for this barrage. Misty wins.

Battles, Launch Octopus Battles, Megaman X Battles

Megaman X vs Launch Octopus

Megaman X is a pretty powerful robot and he has attained many skills over the years. Launch Octopus may be a pretty tough fighter as well, but he’s very limited in his attacks. He’s decent at long range, but he’s not very good in close quarters combat. Megaman X has a considerable speed advantage and he will use that to earn his win. Megaman X wins.