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Metagross vs Pikachu

It’s time for Metagross to return, but now he is up against one of the strongest Pokemon of them all! Pikachu is a fighter and a really good one at that. He’s taken down very powerful opponents like Tyranitar with ease so even Metagross will fall before him. You don’t want to underestimate any Electric Mouse, much less Pikachu. Pikachu will be running rings around Metagross for the duration of the match. Pikachu wins.

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Fulgore vs Metagross

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Fulgore is a powerful robot with a solid unibeam. When in close quarters combat few can stand up to such a fighter. However, Metagross already has a hard body which will help it endure the attacks and the Pokemon also has quite a lot of attacks in his arsenal. I think he would be able to stand up to Fulgore and would dish out enough counter attacks to take the win. Lets not underestimate his Mega Evolution either. Metagross wins.