Rainbow Mika vs Kilik

Suggested by iKnowledge Rainbow Mika is a very good wrestler and so she can possibly take the advantage if she can get past Kilik’s staff but I don’t think that’ll be too likely. Kilik specializes with the staff so that he always keeps his opponent’s at arm’s length. He’s no slouch in close quarters combat either so there’s just no way that she gets close enough to really turn the tables this time. Kilik wins.

Sonic vs Rainbow Mika

Suggested by Anonymous Rainbow Mika’s match will go about the same way as the Chun Li battle. Her array of wrestling techniques will deal some nice damage to Sonic if she could land any of them. The problem is that Sonic is way too fast for that. He could out run her all day without breaking a sweat. He could also just transform into Darkspine Sonic and end the fight in an instant. Sonic wins.