Snubbull vs Spanner

Suggested by Sonic Snubbull is a pretty cool Pokemon and a reasonably powerful one at that. Still, I don’t see him being able to do much of anything against someone like Spanner. Spanner isn’t very strong himself but he’s built some pretty powerful machines that would overwhelm Snubbull. The King Moska would be able to dodge all of Snubbull’s attacks and then end things with a quick blast. There just isn’t a whole lot you can do against a skilled fighter like this and Spanner has other robots at the ready as well. Spanner wins.

Spanner vs Tsuna

Spanner is a pretty smart guy, but smarts don’t always save you when you’re up against raw power! Tsuna is much too powerful for him and rises up the ranks with this win. How can you hope to stop someone with that much speed and power!? You really can’t! Tsuna wins.