Gilzea vs Taro Sakamoto

Taro may be an excellent assassin but he hasn’t had to go up against the King of the Claws before. Gilzea should be able to win this one in an instant because he has such a massive speed advantage. He will be able to go in there and land some dominating blows right out of the gate. Taro won’t be able to compete. Gilzea wins.

Taro Sakamoto vs Be’lakor

Be’lakor may be a very fierce monster but he’s definitely not going to be doing anything to Taro here. Taro Sakamoto can easily speedblitz the guy and land many punishing attacks. He will just keep going until Be’lakor has no health left. At that point the monster will be down for the count and unable to make use of his strength. The strength just isn’t helpful when the gap in speed is so great. Taro Sakamoto wins.