Sakura Amamiya vs Thrall

Sakura makes her debut onto the site with this battle. As the leader of the her combat revue you can expect her to be quite the talented fighter. Sakura has a sword and is able to enhance it with her own spirit energy. Additionally she also has a high powered mech that should increase her durability and firepower. While Thrall’s magical attacks could pose an issue, Sakura should be able to dodge the attacks and deliver a lethal blow with her blade before long. That energy boost will come in handy here. Sakura Amamiya wins.

Alistair vs Thrall

Suggested by iKnowledge Alistair and Thrall are both fighters who tend to focus on close quarters combat. They have their swords/hammers and are very proficient with them. What helps Thrall here is that he has also mastered the elements and magical blasts as well. Alistair’s long range options aren’t quite as powerful. He has the edge in speed but not enough so where it would become an automatic “I win” button. As a result, he can’t win this fight. Thrall wins.