Alistair vs Thrall

Suggested by iKnowledge Alistair and Thrall are both fighters who tend to focus on close quarters combat. They have their swords/hammers and are very proficient with them. What helps Thrall here is that he has also mastered the elements and magical blasts as well. Alistair’s long range options aren’t quite as powerful. He has the edge in speed but not enough so where it would become an automatic “I win” button. As a result, he can’t win this fight. Thrall wins.

Corum Jhaelen Irsei vs Alistair

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close match as both of these guys have good sword skills in addition to a little magic on the side. On one hand Corum has augmented physical abilities to aid him while on the other Alistair’s equipment appears to be better. It’s a close round, but ultimately I believe Corum is in a better position to claim the win. His abilities really speak for themselves as if they both keep exchanging swings the one with super strength will get the better of the exchange each time. Corum Jhaelen Irsei wins.

Sam Winchester vs Alistair

Suggested by iKnowledge Sam has returned and this time he is fighting someone from the Dragon Age series. Alistair is a skilled fighter with a blade. His shield can also be used for offense with his punishing charges. He would have had a good chance at Sam without the demonic enhancements, but with them there isn’t much he can do against Sam. Any blow he lands will have its damage healed very quickly. Sam can then finish Alistair off with his TK or fire abilities. Either way there is no escape. Sam Winchester wins.