Utakata vs Urahara

Suggested by Sonic Utakata may be a powerful Jinchuriki, but that won’t be enough to take down someone like Urahara. Urahara is still at the Captain’s class after all and he can move quick enough to the point where Utakata would not be able to react to him. Utakata’s attacks would all be futile at this point and Urahara is also better at tactics so he will make sure that things go in his favor. Urahara wins.

Urahara vs Dordoni

Suggested by Sonic Dordoni was one of the first real threats Ichigo had to go up against in Hueco Mundo and he had some pretty impressive moves. The fact that his abilities were able to match up to Ichigo’s for a while there was pretty nice. Urahara isn’t usually as much of a physical fighter but he has shown his abilities several times and did finally unveil his bankai in the final arc. As Dordoni did not get any big power ups since Mundo I would say that Urahara has maintained the lead and should be able to win with his various Hado spells. Urahara wins.

Urahara vs Ichigo

Urahara is a pretty strong guy. His sword skills are nothing to smirk about. Of course for all of Urahara’s skill, it’s still not quite enough to take down Ichigo. Ichigo is a being who’s far above Urahara. Urahara has all of his spells, but sword skills trump spells any day of the week. Urahara loses his blog debut, but he’ll be back, and then he can pwn! Ichigo wins.