Coop vs Bass

Coop is back, but he won’t be able to get his second win against Bass. Bass is immeasurably powerful and not even the famed Reset Button would be able to do a whole lot. Bass’speed is incalculable and his durability is unstoppable. I’m almost surprised that Bass hasn’t reached 1000 wins yet. Soon….very soon. Bass wins.

Roger Smith vs Coop

Looks like it’s a double debut in this round and these two characters couldn’t be more different as far as personality goes! Roger Smith is always calm and collected under pressure and he’s a professional. Coop is a little more laid back and he’s able to take things in stride. Surprisingly, I’m going to have to give Coop the edge in this round. His MEGAS robot seems to be much faster than the Big O. I’d say that the Big O’s firepower is a lot more impressive and the armor should protect Roger for a while, but it will simply be very difficult to counter and get a deciding blow on Coop. With the MEGAS speed at his side, Coop can take his time and keep on blasting Roger until he takes the victory. Coop wins.