Nana Asta Deviluke vs Daisuke

Suggested by Sonic Daisuke has the ability to fly once he mastered Dark’s abilities but at the end of the day he doesn’t have any true super strength or speed abilities. Nana can shoot electricity and is also a lot more powerful physically. Daisuke would be on the run right from the start and wouldn’t be given any opportunity for a counter attack. Nana Asta Deviluke wins.

Daisuke vs Toadsworth

Toadsworth has always tried to show that he’s one of the stronger characters. Sadly he never gets his chance. He’s constantly outshined by Mario and Friends. Well in this match all will learn of his power….except that he loses this match. Daisuke is too athletic for Toadsworth to catch and would beat him soundly. Daisuke wins.

Yugi (No Millenium Puzzel) vs Daisuke (No Dark)

Yugi is known as the King of Games after fighting Kaiba and living. Yugi himself is okay at playing children’s card games which is good because even a weak monster can help turn the tide here. Of course Spell Cards help too. Daisuke has some athletic ability and at the cause of loads of pain can grow wings that last a minute. Daisuke’s okay but we know the victor here. Yugi wins.