Duplica vs Maxwell

Suggested by Sonic Maxwell can create just about anything while Duplica has her Ditto which can transform. The question ultimately becomes whether Maxwell’s creations would be strong enough to do much against her. His abilities are very much limited by gameplay mechanics so it’s hard to see just how strong he is. Ultimately Duplica’s Ditto isn’t the strongest Pokemon though so I think Maxwell’s got enough explosives and tech to take her out here. Ditto wouldn’t be able to effectively protect Duplica. Maxwell wins.

Mr Rictus vs Duplica

Mr Rictus is back and he’s up against Duplica! Duplica has her Ditto at the ready and she’s always up for a fight. Mr Rictus may be a pretty tough guy when you think about it, but he won’t be able to win this round. Duplica is just too tough and she rises up the blog ranks. Duplica wins.

Duplica vs Ash

Duplica has her Ditto, but in the end it won’t be enough to stop Ash! Ash is just far too powerful and has been winning a lot on the blog. Duplica has lost her debut fight, but perhaps she will be back to pwn one day. Until then Ash shows why he may become the Pokemon Master! Ash wins.