Tournament Smashers Episode 47 Sasuke vs Killua

The next battle is upon us!

Sasuke charged through the woods. He had been searching for an opponent to defeat for nearly two weeks. He needed to get a lot of wins and very fast if he wanted to have the best record. He saw a moderately large building and there was a gate to prevent unwanted trespassers. “Just what I needed,” Sasuke thought as he flipped over the gate “Hey, nobody can go in there!” a voice yelled after Sasuke as he approached the building.

“Dragon Flame jutsu!” Sasuke yelled as he ignored the voice and shot a giant fire blast. The building blew up in a blaze of fiery glory. “That’s how I roll,” Sasuke thought as he smirked. He knew that the fire would quickly attract some impressive fighters. He heard a skateboard approaching him and quickly threw a kunai. When he didn’t hear anyone beg for mercy, Sasuke turned around. The boy on the skateboard had caught the kunai.

“That was my house,” The kid said as he threw the kunai back at Sasuke. Sasuke grabbed it, but the kunai was laced with electricity. “Ugh,” Sasuke grimaced as he threw the kunai away. “I’m Killua Zoldyck, a professional assassin,” Killua said as he kicked his skateboard away. “I’m an Uchiha!” Sasuke quickly countered as he started performing some hand signs.

“Chidori!” Sasuke yelled as he charged at Killua. Killua pushed Sasuke’s hand away with one hand and then punched Sasuke through a tree with the other. “How’d you get past the Chidori?” Sasuke asked as he turned on his sharingan. “We both use electric abilities and I’m pretty much immune,” Killua replied as he fire a thunder blast. Sasuke jumped over it and fired another fireball, but Killua disappeared.

Sasuke’s sharingan quickly noticed Killua throwing a punch at Sasuke from the side and he ducked. Sasuke shot out a quick kick, but Killua dodged again at super speed and appeared from Sasuke’s other side. Killua quickly stabbed at Sasuke, but Sasuke had been replaced with a log.

“Chidori!” Sasuke yelled from above Killua as he descended. Killua punched Sasuke back into the air and started charging up his nen. Sasuke quickly shot out some shruikens, but Killua dodged them all and jumped after Sasuke. Sasuke dodged his flurry of punches thanks to his sharingan and quickly activated his curse mark.

Sasuke punched Killua into the burning remains of the old house. “That ought to slow him down,” Sasuke thought as he prepared another Chidori. Killua appeared in front of Sasuke and quickly hit him with another electric shock. As Sasuke was falling, he quickly kicked Killua into the air.

Sasuke took out a sword from his pocket. He hadn’t been planning to use this for weapon for about 3 years, but he knew that it was do or die time! He jumped into the air and slashed at Killua. Killua blocked with his arm and landed back on the ground. “His aura can even block sword strikes,” Sasuke thought as he also landed.

“It’s time to finish this,” Sasuke thought as his curse mark went into level 2. “Chidori Blade!” Sasuke yelled as electricity covered his sword. Killua shot a blast of electricity at Sasuke, but he blocked with his sword and charged at Killua. Killua jumped out of the way as Sasuke slammed his sword into the ground. The ground broke open in several areas, which made Killua stumble.

Sasuke seized the opportunity and punched him to the ground. Sasuke followed up with a sword slash, but Killua rolled to the side and dodged it. Then he counterattacked with a tackle, but Sasuke threw him off and got back up. “Black Chidori!” Sasuke yelled as he slammed Killua through a building. Killua got back up, but Sasuke hit him with a dragon flame jutsu. “I’ve lost,” Killua said as he hit the ground. His shadow seemed to merge with the trees and the grass as he vanished.

“I ALWAYS KNEW THAT I WOULD WIN!” Sasuke laughed as the curse mark started to consume him. Quickly he powered down and went back to the leaf village. “Soon, I will even defeat the legendary Goku,” he thought as he left. Killua woke up in a dark castle. “The master will see you now,” a voice said as a dark door opened. “Cool,” Killua thought as he got his yo yo ready and prepared to go in. He may have lost to the Uchiha kid, but he figured that he could take down whoever was in the room.

Tournament Smashers Episode 46 Lazerman vs Dark Link

The next battle is now here!

Link was cleaning his sword while on guard duty for Hyrule. He knew that nobody would want to mess with him after his battle against Dark Vader. Still, one could never be too sure and that’s why Link was on alert. Link heard a sudden noise and looked behind him. A being with a sinister aura was charging up some sort of energy wave in his hand. “What!?” Link yelled as Lazerman blasted him. When Link awoke, Lazerman was gone. “I wonder what happened,” Link thought as he went to go report this to The King.

Meanwhile, Lazerman had went back to his castle. “Arise Dark Link, and together we shall conquer the world!” Lazerman yelled as he let out a laugh. “I don’t think so Lazerman,” Dark Link said as he pulled out a Dark Arrow. “You dare defy me!” Lazerman yelled as he shot out a disruption blast.

Dark Link rolled to the side and fired his arrow. The arrow hit Lazerman, but it had no noticeable effect. “Nothing works….yet!” Dark Link yelled as he took out his Master Sword. He charged at Lazerman and unleashed a powerful swing. Lazerman quickly dodged and appeared behind Dark Link in the blink of an eye. “What speed!” Dark Link yelled as Lazerman punched him from behind.

Dark Link dropped his arrows, but quickly grabbed a bomb and threw it at Lazerman. Lazerman dodged the bomb as he fired another laser at Dark Link. Dark Link blocked the blast with his shield and he took out the boomerang. “Boomerang smash!” Dark Link said as he threw it at Lazerman.

Lazerman grabbed the boomerang and crushed it. “Is that the best you have?” Lazerman asked as he threw the boomerang off into the distance. “Not quite Lazerman, but you’ll wish that it was,” Dark Link replied as his Master Sword started glowing with an aura of pure power. “Skyward Strike!” Dark Link yelled as he swung his sword so hard that it made a shockwave. “This can’t be happening!” Lazerman yelled as the shockwave knocked him through the wall.

“I did it!…I beat the best that Lazerman could offer,” Dark Link yelled as he sheathed his sword. Suddenly Lazerman appeared in front of him again and grabbed Dark Link. “Impossible..I saw you die!” Dark Link yelled as Lazerman threw him back into the ground. Dark Link got back up, but Lazerman blasted him against a wall.

“That last part was just a projector,” Lazerman chuckled as he grabbed Dark Link. Dark Link quickly tried to slash at Lazerman with his master sword, but Lazerman stopped it with his other hand. “This master sword isn’t as powerful as you think,” Lazerman said as he snapped the sword in half. “No way!” Dark Link yelled as he struggled to think of a plan.

“Good bye Dark Link,” Lazerman said as he threw Dark Link in the air. “Dark Meteor,” Lazerman said as he shot a laser into the air. A large hole appeared in the sky and a giant meteor fell out of it. “I can’t lose!” Dark Link yelled as the meteor hit him and crashed down into the ground. Lazerman looked at the large crater with satisfaction and went back to his base. Dark Link wouldn’t be troubling him anymore.

Tournament Smashers Episode 45 Shadow vs Knuckles

The 45th ep is now here!

Knuckles was chasing after a crook who had stolen a piece of the Master Emerald. “Nobody messes with the emerald on my watch!” Knuckles yelled as he punched the ground with such force that it split open and created a fissure. The guy fell down the hole, but he shot out an explosive disc. The disc crashed into Knuckles, but had no effect.

“Now I’m mad!” Knuckles yelled as he punched the crook’s lights out and grabbed the master emerald shard. “I’d better get back to the Master Emerald before more thugs get any ideas,” Knuckles said as he put the shard in his pocket and started to zoom towards the shrine. It would only take him a matter of minutes to reach the location at his speed.

Suddenly a black ball rammed into him at high speeds. The force of the blog knocked Knuckles through a tree and the master emerald shard fell out of his pocket. “I’ve finally caught you,” the black ball said as it turned into a hedgehog. “Shadow…SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!” Knuckles yelled as he got up.

Shadow glared at Knuckles. Knuckles seemed surprised to see Shadow..maybe he hadn’t rigged the match against Sonic. Of course he could just have a good poker face. “Hey Shadow, step away from the shard,” Knuckles said as he clenched his fists. Shadow realized that he was currently stepping on it.

“No chance,” Shadow said as he kicked the shard up and snagged it with his hand. “What’s gotten into you!” Knuckles yelled as he charged towards Shadow. “I just had victory taken away from me thanks to a meddler…and it may have been you,” Shadow said as he sidestepped the charge.

“Oh no you don’t!” Knuckles yelled as he threw a punch at Shadow. Shadow ducked the punch and kicked Knuckles in the stomach. Knuckles grimaced, but the hit hadn’t done any lethal damage. Knuckles quickly pulled his fist back and aimed it at the ground. He was going to cause another fissure, but suddenly he couldn’t move.

“Chaos Control!” Shadow yelled as he took out his Chaos Emerald. “Those time abilities will be trouble,” Knuckles thought as Shadow kicked him into a mountain. Knuckles quickly jumped in the air, but Shadow was already there and blasted him with a Chaos Spear.

“He’s too fast!” Knuckles thought as he was bombarded by dozens and dozens of blows. He tried countering, but Shadow simply dodged the counters. Finally Shadow ended the combo with an uppercut that sent Knuckles flying. “Now I can think of a plan to defeat him,” Knuckles thought as he landed atop a large area in the sky.

“I’m with the Master Emerald!” Knuckles realized as he turned around. Shadow appeared behind him. “Prepare to meet your defeat Shadow!” Knuckles yelled as he punched the Master Emerald with full power. The Master Emerald started to glow and then it exploded. “The power is overwhelming!” Knuckles yelled as he transformed into Super Knuckles.

“Now you cannot hope to defeat me,” Knuckles said as he appeared behind Shadow. He threw an explosive punch, but Shadow was no longer there. “Foolishness! I am the world’s ultimate life form,” Shadow said as he took off his limiters. “That won’t save you,” Knuckles replied as he clenched his fists again.

“You have a lot of power, but you lack speed,” Shadow said as he appeared behind Knuckles. Knuckles punched at him, but it was only an after image. “It’s time to end this,” Shadow’s voice rang out from every side. Knuckles saw dozens of Shadows running around him.

“Power Flash!” Knuckles yelled as time slowed down. Now he could see Shadow running rings around him at super speeds. “I’ve got you now!” Knuckles yelled as he reached out to grab Shadow. Shadow suddenly erupted in an aura burst of blue energy and zipped away.

“He’s in Hero Mode!” Knuckles yelled as Shadow crashed down on top of him with immense speed. the energy from the Master Emerald faded and Knuckles was down for the count. “I can’t lose!” Shadow yelled as he disappeared. Knuckles woke up later and looked up at the Master Emerald.

Now there was only one shard left on top of the altar. “Good thing Shadow left it there, or else!” Knuckles thought as he got up and dusted himself off. “I’m going to collect all of the shards for the Master Emerald!” Knuckles yelled as he set off on his journey.

Tournament Smashers Episode 44 Dark Vader vs Link

The 44th ep is now up!

Dark Vader was sitting in his throne in the command room of the Death Star. He couldn’t care less about the Tournament Smashers, but it was a good chance to conquer many planets while the heroes were busy. Currently he had sent a brigade of Storm Troopers to infiltrate Hyrule and steal the Triforce.

“Dark Vader! We are encountering heavy resistence,” one Storm Trooper yelled over the com. “What’s happening soldier?” Dark Vader said as he got up from his throne. “There are two powerful fighters in particular, they each wield a part of the triforce, they…Ahhhhh!” the guy yelled as someone slashed him into oblivion.

“If you want the Triforce, you’ll have to go through me!” a voice said through the communicator before it was terminated. Dark Vader gripped his lightsaber, which shattered the throne beneath him as well. “I’m heading for Hyrule,” Dark Vader told the 2nd in command Storm Trooper.

Dark Vader then stepped in a teleportation pad and appeared in Hyrule. He quickly used his lightsaber to block as Link dash-sliced against him. Their swords banged and they quickly exchanged blows as Link jumped back. He took out a Light Arrow and fired in one swift movement.

“Pathetic!” Dark Vader yelled as he slashed the arrow in half, but instead of hitting the ground, the two pieces shot back up and hit Dark Vader from behind. “Don’t underestimate my equipment!” Link yelled as he took out a bomb and fired it at Dark Vader.

Dark Vader froze the bomb in midair with his telekinesis and shot it back at Link. Link jumped in the air to dodge, but Dark Vader once again used his telekinesis to plunge Link to the ground again. The explosion knocked Link back. “Master Link!” some footsoldiers yelled as they charged at Dark Vader. Dark Vader held his lightsaber back and prepared to swing it forward to end the soldiers.

Link quickly took out his boomerang and hurled it towards Dark Vader as he quickly took out a fire and light arrow and hurled it into the ground before the footsoldiers. Dark Vader quickly blocked the boomerang and the arrow made a small explosion which knocked the footsoldiers out of harms way.

They quickly ran for the hills. “Don’t mess with me!” Link yelled as his Master Sword started to glow. “Skyward Strike!” Link yelled as he shot a giant shockwave from the sword. Dark Vader blocked with his Lightsaber, but the force of the slash pushed him back several feet.

“Skyward Strike!” Link yelled, but instead of firing the shockwave he charged towards Dark Vader. Dark Vader slashed to counter the strike, but energy exploded all around them, pushing Dark Vader back. “Enough games, warrior!” Dark Vader said as he used his telekinesis to paralyze Link.

Dark Vader threw his lightsaber at Link, but Link’s triforce symbol started to glow. He broke free and turned into his God Deity form. Link shot a beam from his sword which knocked the lightsaber out of Dark Vader’s hand.

Link charged towards Dark Vader and slashed the ground. It made a large earthquake, but Dark Vader jumped over it and summoned his lightsaber back. He slashed Link from behind, but Link countered with another sword slash. They both faced each other.

Dark Vader started slashing Link at hyperspeeds, but Link managed to dodge each blow. “I’ve got you now!” Link yelled as his sword parried Dark Vader’s lightsaber to the side and he punched him. Dark Vader hit the ground and his mask cracked. Link was moving far too quickly to use his telekinesis at this point. Dark Vader knew that he would have to rely on his force abilities and his lightsaber.

Dark Vader sent a blast of the force at Link, but Link sidestepped it and fired another sword beam. Dark Vader jumped over it and slashed his lightsaber at Link. Link endured the shockwave and charged at Dark Vader. Dark Vader charged at Link as well and swung his lightsaber with all of his might. Link also swung his double sword at Dark Vader.

The force from the two swords colliding created a large tremor under the fighters and the surrounding area disintegrated. Finally, Link’s sword shattered into a million pieces. “No!” he yelled as he fell back. Dark Vader prepared to finish him, but Link was teleported away.

“It matters little. I won this match,” Dark Vader said as he headed back to the Death Star. Now he knew that the triforces were inside of the 3 legendary warriors, so he would need to take them down to get at it. He would set his sights on the prince of darkness next.

Link appeared in the castle. Zelda and the other mages were there. “That was a close call Link,” Zelda said as she sheathed her sword. “Yeah, and I could have taken that guy down if I wasn’t weakened,” Link said as he got up. The mages looked skepical, but they said nothing.

Tournament Smashers Episode 43 One Above All vs Goku

The next battle has arrived!

The One Above All felt the air around him as it grew colder with the nightsky. The last thing he remembered was being utterly annihilated by Link and ceasing to exist. He hadn’t really cared because he was a cosmic being and he was not to easily destroyed. He would cease to be..and yet he was always there. He was nowhere and yet everywhere. He was….The One Above All!

Goku was looking for an opponent to battle as he flew across several cities. He had a strange feeling that he was being watched by someone…or something! “Show yourself!” Goku yelled as he transformed into a Super Saiyan! “Your mind couldn’t comprehend me,” The One Above All said as he stated the facts, pure and simple.

“DIE!” Goku yelled as he started powering up. “What power!” The One Above All yelled as he lost his composure for a sec and his energies took the form of a human. The One Above All didn’t care much for victory and defeat. He just wanted people to acknowledge that he was the strongest being in the cosmos. He had been everything and yet nothing. Before him there was only nothingness and with him there is now life. His thought process was interrupted as Goku punched him to the ground.

His delusions temporarily broken, the One Above All hit the ground hard. If he hadn’t created everything….then who was he!? He had tricked many of the earth’s population into thinking that he was literally the One Above All and that he had created everything. A lot of them had bought it, but there were always some skeptics in the crowd.

“Goku, why do you doubt the voice of one who knows?” The One Above All said as his cosmic energies started expanding as he took no real shape, but took up more space than a skyscraper. He was the air itself and nothing could stop him! “Because I’m a saiyan who was raised on earth!” Goku yelled as he started powering down.

“I’m going to defeat you at 1% POWER!!!!!” Goku yelled as he flew in the air. “What will you hit saiyan? I’m everywhere and yet nowhere!” The One Above All said as he laughed. Goku punched the air in the general direction that the One Above All’s voice came from.

“Grumpy Gravy!” The One Above All yelled as he hit the ground. “Had enough yet?” Goku said as he smirked at the One Above All. “Don’t move saiyan!” The One Above All yelled so sharply that even Goku stopped in his tracks. “With but a single gesture, I can end all life across the omniverse….so I’d watch my step!” The One Above All yelled as he struggled to his feet.

Goku appeared in front of him and knocked him out. “That guy was pretty delusional,” Goku said as he flew off. He wanted to go fight a real opponent. Someone who could actually put up a fight. Someone like….the legendary Godzilla! Meanwhile the One Above All got up.

“THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!” he yelled as his energies split apart and he faded into nothingness again. His energies were sucked up in a vaccum. “Don’t worry “One Above All”, you’re going to go fight one of my enemies for me,” a voice said as the guy carried the vaccum away. He was a short and old professor who lived in a small cottage….and he had just gotten his bait!

Tournament Smashers Episode 42 Pohatu vs Tad

The next battle has arrived!

Tad was walking to the next gym in the Unova region. “I hear that they have some pretty awesome fighters over there!” Tad yelled as he suddenly felt the need to dash. He dashed for the gym, but unfortunately it was closed. “I can’t even…” Tad’s voice faded as he backed up. This was awful! Tad quickly ran into the mountains to regroup.

Pohatu heard someone making a lot ruckus over by the mountains and he decided to check it out. “The shadow monsters or the Mavericks may be back,” he said as he approached the mountain. Tad punching the mountain at a pretty impressive rate. “What do you hope to accomplish?” Pohatu inquired.

“My name’s Tad and I’m going to become a Pokemon Master!” Tad said as he ignored the question. “Why?” Pohatu asked as he looked at the kid with disdain. “Because I want to be the very best, that no one ever was!” Tad said as he smirked to himself. Tad stopped punching the mountain and turned to Pohatu.

“How about it, let’s have a Pokemon battle!” Tad said as he took out his Pokeball. “Why not…let’s test the limits of your abilities!” Pohatu said as he dashed towards Tad, but the pokeball had already been dropped to the ground. A white blinding light went up around the area.

Pohatu quickly punched at Tad, but a creature had grabbed his arm. The mighty Poliwrath had entered the battle! If Poliwrath were as powerful as the legends said..then this could be a tough battle, Pohatu thought as he took out his Skyblaster. He fired, but Poliwrath countered with a Waterblast, which pushed them back.

“Poliwrath use Double Team!” Tad yelled as 6 Poliwraths appeared around Pohatu. Pohatu slashed at the first one, but it vanished into thin air. “Whether they’re illusions or after images it matters little,” Pohatu said as he kicked the ground. The tremor made the fakes disappear.

“Now where’s the real one,” Pohatu thought as he looked around. Suddenly from under him Poliwrath’s arm grabbed him and yanked him underground. “Big mistake creature, the ground is my turf,” Pohatu said as he punched Poliwrath at close range. “Poliwrath use your Mega Kick!” Tad yelled.

Poliwrath kicked Pohatu with immense power that sent him flying out of the ground. Poliwrath jumped after him and threw a solid punch. Pohatu quickly evaded, but Poliwrath shot an ice beam. The blast froze Pohatu’s legs. Pohatu quickly took out his Skyblaster, but Poliwrath crushed it in his fist.

Pohatu quickly punched the ground, which sent him back up into the air. He charged at Tad in a last ditch effort to end this. “I told you already Pohatu…I’m going to be the Pokemon Master!” Tad yelled as he jumped behind Poliwrath. “Poliwrath, use Mega Kick!” Tad yelled as Poliwrath hit Pohatu with everything he had.

Pohatu finally lost consciousness. “Good work Poliwrath,” Tad said as he returned him back to his pokeball. “Nobody’s going to stop me and anyone who tries will be crushed,” Tad grimly stated as he decided to go to Arlong Park. Meanwhile Pohatu awoke in a cave of darkness. He could sense other robots and he knew that he may have a fight on his hands!

Tournament Smashers Episode 41 Mario vs Sonic

The next battle is here!

Mario was nearing Bowser’s Castle. He was going to finish this once and for all! This time he would show Bowser the error of his ways and lock him up for a very long time. Suddenly a blue object hit him at an incredibly high speed. Mario hit the ground and saw someone standing over him.

“Sonic’s the name and speed’s my game!” he said as he started running around Mario. Mario started to get dizzy so he threw a punch, but Sonic caught his punch and flung him into the air. Sonic used his homing attack on Mario several dozen times in a split instant and slammed Mario towards the ground.

While Mario was falling, Sonic hit him an additional eighty times and kicked him back up. Sonic kept on hitting him in each direction so quickly that Mario couldn’t move at all. It was like he was frozen in time. Finally Mario hit the ground. “You’re too slow!” Sonic yelled as he caught a chili dog from the sky.

“Why are you attacking me anyway,” Mario said as he gingerly got back up to his feet. “Well my last battle was pretty easy so I was looking for a challenge, but I must say..I'[m dissapointed!” Sonic said as his fist clenched around his Chili Dog. Mario gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. Sonic had gone too far this time!

Mario charged at him and threw a punch, but Sonic dodged and hit him with a 500 hit combo in a fraction of a second. Mario was knocked out of consciousness, back in, and then out again during the combo. A kid was watching the fight. “I think that the plumber could use a hand,” Takuto said as his eyes turned into a whirlpool of strobe lights.

Mario was suddenly on a barren planet. “You are on the surface of a planet known as Krae,” Takuto said as he disappeared. “This can’t be!” Mario yelled as he grabbed the 7 Power Stars. “HERE WE GOOOOO!” Mario yelled as he suddenly appeared back on earth. “You’re mine!” Sonic said as he punched Mario to the ground.

Mario got back up, but this time he knew that he couldn’t be defeated. His eyes turned into a whirlpool as well and he went into his ultimate form. “The Power Stars give me strength!” Mario yelled as he lunged at Sonic. Sonic dodged and knocked him to the ground. Mario quickly bounced back up.

Suddenly Mario could see the future. He saw himself throw a punch, but Sonic dodged and kicked him in the face. Now Mario knew what he needed to do. He ran at Sonic and threw a punch, but knowing where Sonic would be, he also jumped in the air and threw a solid punch at the ground.

Sonic dodged both attacks and kicked Mario in the face. “No way!” Mario yelled as he hit the ground again. “I can tell that you saw a glimpse of the future thanks to your Psyqualia, but it won’t be enough,” Sonic said as he disappeared in a dash of immense speed. Mario tried to jump, but Sonic grabbed his leg and slammed him back into the ground.

“Even if you know where and how I’m going to hit, you’re not fast enough to dodge!” Sonic said as he threw Mario into a tree. Mario knew that Sonic was right. He could sense and see every move that Sonic would make, but he still wasn’t able to dodge any of them. Seeing the future was definitely overrated.

“Let’s wrap this up!” Sonic said as he disappeared. Mario braced himself, but suddenly he was in the air. “I can’t even!” Mario yelled as Sonic made a whirlwind that blew him into the ground. The smash knocked the fight out of Mario. “ must stop Bowser,” Mario said as he fainted.

“Why not? Sonic’s the name and speed’s my game!” Sonic yelled as he sped off into the great unknown. Sonic had taken another win and he was feeling pretty proud of it. It isn’t often that you can get a decent start at 2-0. Mario woke up hours later and he decided to finally go home.

Tournament Smashers Ep 40 Nine Tailed Fox vs Bones

The 40th fight is now here!

Bones was waiting to beamed up into the Enterprise when a massive tremor caused him to fall into the water. He knew that swimming back up would be risky, so he primed his phasor and fired into the ocean wall. It created a hole that Bones swam into. To his mild amusement he noticed that the place was dry. The water stayed away from the hole as if it were magically being pulled back.

A long hand reached in through the hole and tried to slash Bones. Bones was too quick and he ducked under the hand. “Eat phaser!” he yelled as he fired it at full power. The monster roared as the hand drew back. Bones knew that he had to get to higher ground. He used some rocks to jump to the ceiling and he grabbed hold of a circus ring.

He grabbed on and swung himself to the other side. The wall behind him started to glow with an ominous screeching sound. Bones quickly jumped into the air as a giant red energy blast exploded the area where he had been. The Nine Tailed Fox appeared and roared. Water started gushing in through the giant hole.

“Now’s my chance!” Bones yelled as he fired his phaser at the Nine Tailed Fox. The Nine Tailed Fox didn’t even flinch as he fired another blast. Bones rolled out of the way, but the force blew him out of the cave and back onto solid ground. “Great!” Bones yelled as he grabbed his comlink. “No!” he yelled as the comlink made a sputtering sound. The action had been too much for it.

Bones knew that he would need to try and get to a populated area and soon! He started to dash north, but a hand grabbed him from behind. The Nine Tailed Fox was back! The Nine Tailed Fox roared and slammed Bones into the ground. Bones was knocked out instantly and he knew that his win streak was over.

The Nine Tailed Fox looked down as the puny mortal. It had been far too easy and he was looking forward to having a real fight. Maybe he could go locate the legendary Godzilla or the mighty Marshmallow Man. Either way, the fight was over, so the Nine Tailed Fox left. Bones had lived by only the slimmest of chances!

Tournament Smashers Episode 39 James Bond vs Jack Sparrow

It’s time for the latest battle story!

James Bond hopped in his car. He was ready to find the weakest opponent possible and take his first win. He grabbed his gun in one hand and started zooming through the streets while holding the wheel in one hand. James Bond had overrated his one handed driving skills and quickly banged a building. James Bond jumped out of the way as the place blew up.

“Uh oh,” James Bond thought as he came to the horrifying realization that this could bring some powerful people like the Avengers! Quickly James Bond dashed into an alley to hide, but some punks grabbed him. “We’ll bring him to Jack Sparrow,” they yelled as they tied him up and threw him in a giant boat.

“Let go of me!” James Bond yelled as he broke free of the ropes and reached for his gun. “Don’t move, Sparrow!” James Bond yelled once again as he took a step backwards. Jack Sparrow laughed and walked towards him. James Bond quickly fired his gun, but nothing happened. “Wait a sec….I’m out of ammo!!!!” James Bond yelled as he tried to dive in the ocean, but Jack Sparrow caught him and threw him back in the boat.

“Me and my boys have got you outnumbered,” he said as several of his minions surrounded James Bond. “If you spent more time training, and less time being kidnapped, maybe you could have beaten us,” Jack Sparrow said as he punched James Bond. James Bond jumped back up and threw a sideways kick at Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow hit the ground, but rolled and knocked James Bond to the ground. James Bond reached for his gun, but it was broken in half. “No way!” he yelled as Jack Sparrow took out his sword. “I’m the best swordsman in this ship,” Jack Sparrow said as he tried stabbing James Bond.

James Bond jumped out of the way and tried to run, but one of the minions threw him back at Jack Sparrow, who greeted him with a punch. James Bond quickly grabbed a grenade and threw it at Jack Sparrow, but Jack sidestepped it and the grenade fell harmlessly to the ground.

“Impossible!” James Bond yelled as he ran at Jack Sparrow and threw a punch. Jack Sparrow caught the punch and smirked at James Bond. “No way!” James Bond yelled as he jumped in the air, but Jack Sparrow caught him and threw him back down. “I can’t even…,” James Bond started to say as Jack Sparrow took out a gun.

Suddenly they heard sirens. “Everyone get off of the boat!” a voice yelled as the cops appeared. One of them was holding a bazooka. “Never!” Jack Sparrow yelled as he started to head for the back of the ship. The guy fired, but the blast hit James Bond, knocking him into Davy Jones Locker!

As James Bond sunk through the ocean, he knew that he would need to win his next round and fast! Meanwhile, aerial support for the cops bombed the ship. The atomic explosion could be seen for miles, but somehow they knew that Jack Sparrow and his pirates had eluded them once more. Where would they go next!

Tournament Smashers Episode 38 Ghost Rider vs Allen

The next battle is here!

Ghost Rider was riding his motorcycle across town. Occasionally he’s glare at someone and they would fall to the ground. Everyone was always scared of him, but Ghost Rider had no time for games. If they wanted to be scared of be it! He was heading back home to warn everyone that he knew about the upcoming World War 3.

Suddenly a shockwave hit him and sliced his bike in half. Ghost Rider landed on the ground hard and looked up to see an exorcist. Their had been a bounty placed on him for well over 100 dollars. Now everyone in their right mind was gunning after him, but this guy looked especially powerful.

Allen looked at Ghost Rider with a look of pity. Ghost Rider wasn’t as scary as he had imagined..only the faint of heart would be scared. Allen figured that he should take Ghost Rider down fast so that he could get back home and eat his supper before it went cold.

Allen shot another shockwave from his sword, which blasted Ghost Rider through a building. “Impossible!” Ghost Rider yelled as he quickly used his chain to grab hold of the building. “That was a close shave,” Ghost Rider said as he hauled himself back up.

Allen appeared in front of him, but Ghost Rider quickly threw a punch. It went through Allen, as the boy disappeared and reappeared behind Ghost Rider. Allen slashed Ghost Rider to the ground. Ghost Rider quickly grabbed his chain, but the sword sliced through it, as Allen slashed him into the ground again.

“This guy’s tough stuff!” Ghost Rider said as he shot a blast of fire. Allen revolved his sword like a fan and blocked the blast while sending a burst of wind at Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider managed to not get knocked over, but Allen punched him in the stomach.

Ghost Rider tried to counterblast, but Allen kicked him off the ground and then slammed him back into the ground. Ghost Rider realized that he was no match for this level of power. If he didn’t do something fast…Allen would definitely be taking the win here.

Ghost Rider decided that it was time to use his tactical retreat plan and quickly ran for a bike. Allen grabbed him from behind and slammed him into the ground. Ghost Rider tried kicking at Allen, but Allen was too fast and he dodged all of the hits.

Allen was growing bored of this battle and he decided to end it. He knocked Ghost Rider out and left for home. He hadn’t been interested in the money. He had just wanted to add a win to his Tournament Smashers record. Now his record was a solid 1-0 and he was on his way to fame and glory.