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Killua vs Sub

Sub was a pretty tough thief for a while, but when he went up against Killua it was all over! Killua defeated him with incredible ease and he’s definitely a better fighter. His thunder abilities and agility give him a great edge over Sub. Sub just couldn’t take the win this time. Killua wins.

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Great Stamp vs Killua

The Great Stamp may be pretty impressive, but in the end there’s no way that he can defeat Killua. Killua has his super speed and electricity at his disposal. With those abilities, not even this giant beast can take him down. This is just the beginning for Killua’s wins! Killua wins.

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Killua vs Kirby

Killua has lightning fast speed and his assasin techniques are deadly! Kirby has a lot of powers ups and has obtained the skills of many fighters! Still, it won’t be enough to win this round. Killua has the massive speed advantage and that helps a lot towards victory. His nen abilities are also quite capable! Killua wins.

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Killua vs Kurapika

Kurapika is a chain wielding hunter/body guard who can constrict opponents. Sadly he can only use it on members of the “Spiders” If he uses it on anyone else he will die. Killua is not a spider, but the strongest hunter. He has vast thunder powers and a super fast yoyo. He also has super speed and a super form. Both of them have hand to hand combat but Killua’s better at it. He can take you out without you noticing it. Killua wins.