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Jaden vs Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko is a powerful fighter, but she is always very serious. Jaden knows that sometimes you have to lighten up and just go with the flow. His versatility has helped him become one of the world’s greatest duelists and he has great victories with multiple decks. Whether he is using Elemental Heroes or Neo Spacians, Jaden has a masterful strategy that will leave the opponent at a loss. Kyoko can destroy a great deal of Jaden’s monsters, but she can’t defeat them all. Eventually she will tire out and then it’s game over. Jaden wins.

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Kyoko Sakura vs Rinoa Heartilly

It’s another battle of magical heroines. Rinoa has a powerful limit break and as she’s from Final Fantasy you do not want to underestimate her. That being said, Rinoa has never shown anything to suggest that she can keep up with Kyoko in a battle of speed. Kyoko is fast and powerful which is a great combination to have for a fight. She may not have as many magic spells as Rinoa, but she should be able to evade and parry them without too much difficulty. Kyoko Sakura wins.

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Sailor Mars vs Kyoko Sakura

Sailor Mars is a Sailor Scout who has a lot of fans, but I’m not a huge fan of hers. I do like her fire abilities though and it’s safe to say that her projectiles may keep Kyoko at bay for a short time. That being said, Kyoko has a lot of battle experience and once she learns the pattern, she’ll be able to cruise through Mars’ attacks and counter. Kyoko’s weapon can separate into multiple parts, which makes it incredibly difficult to evade. Mars would be doomed once the fight became a close quarters battle. Kyoko Sakura wins.