Laserdisc Guardian vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer The Laserdisc Guardian is a character who seems to have a cool backstory. I’ve never seen his show first hand, but the guy has the ability to change from being a mild mannered guy to this super hero. The Chunk won’t be able to deal with the guardian’s onslaught of energy attacks and other such moves. The Chunk may as well give up now before it’s too late. Laserdisc Guardian wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Porygon

Porygon makes his blog debut in this round and not even the Laserdisc Guardian will be able to stop him! Porygon has abilities that far exceed those of the Laserdisc Guardian. The Laserdisc Guardian can fire energy blasts, but he lacks Porygon’s speed and large array of powerful abilities. Porygon wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Cyclops

The Laserdisc Guardian is back and now he’s up against Cyclops. The Guardian has some powerful sonic vibrations, but Cyclops has the Phoenix Force and a lifetime of battle experience. His optic blasts should be able to get through Laserdisc Guardian’s defenses pretty quickly. Cyclops wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Bly

The Laserdisc Guardian is back, but now he’s up against the mighty Bly! Bly has his swordsmanship abilities and one good slash is all that he needs to take down many fighters. I know that I’ve said that many times, but it must be restated for the newcomers to the blog. The Laserdisc Guardian doesn’t stand a chance this time. Bly wins.

Laserdisc Guardian vs Ant

The Laserdisc Guardian was once a librarian, but then he realized that he had immense powers and used them to save the building. He can fire lasers and use sonic vibrations to his advantage. I don’t think that the Ant will be able to win this round. The Laserdisc Guardian is just too powerful and quick. Laserdisc Guardian wins.