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Guyver vs Misty Knight

Suggested by Anonymous Guyver has returned once more and now he is up against the skilled Misty Knight. Misty has a robotic arm which does amp up her strength. However, that will make it even clearer to her why she can’t win this fight. Guyver is covered with armor and can take any of her hits. Meanwhile her durability still isn’t any better than a normal human’s so one good hit will really seal the deal here. It’s over for her. Guyver wins.

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Misty Knight vs Hit

Misty Knight may have won her first round, but will she be able to win another? Hit is strong enough to end planets with ease and can likely destroy whole solar systems just as easily. His power basically has no limit and the fact that he could hold his own against a SSB Kaio Ken Goku says quite a lot. Misty Knight won’t even be able to see Hit move much less endure one of his attacks. The fight will be over as soon as it starts. Hit wins.

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Misty Knight vs Hitomi

Suggested by iKnowledge Misty Knight is a capable hand to hand fighter. While I think Hitomi is certainly more experienced and better in pure martial arts, Misty Knight’s robotic arm is a huge help here. It can create force fields and also freeze nearby objects. Between the cold and the sheer force of the metal arm (which will also serve as a good offense for Misty since every time Hitomi lands a strike or a block the DOA fighter will take damage) I don’t think Hitomi will be able to keep up for long. Misty Knight wins.