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Shade Man vs Mega Man

Mega Man has defeated Shade Man in the past and I’m confident that he could do so again. Shade Man doesn’t have a large array of attacks at his disposal and Mega Man’s speed will enable him to dodge the Noise Crush ability. Shade Man can attempt to flee, but he wouldn’t get far thanks to Mega Man’s powerful Charge Shot! Mega Man wins.

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Meta Knight vs Shade Man

It’s a battle of bats in this round! Meta Knight is quick with a sword and his cape conceals his presence until he is close enough to slash away at his opponent. Shade Man is not one of the more well known Robot Masters, but his skills are at a high level and his Noise Crush ability should win him the match. He can keep up with Meta Knight physically and Shade Man’s main attack can deal a lot of damage. Shade Man wins.