Gemini Aspros vs Spirit of Fire

Suggested by Sonic Gemini Aspros has terrifying abilities that make him one of the stronger Saints. His pure power and speed already put him several leagues above the Spirit of Fire and that’s without getting into his special techniques. While the Spirit of Fire has impressive attack strength of his own, it’s just not quite in the same ballpark this time. Gemini Aspros wins.

Spirit of Fire vs Bass

The Spirit of Fire is an immensely powerful being who wants to burn all who oppose him, but Bass is out of his league. The Spirit of Fire doesn’t stand a chance against his brilliance and he will quickly be dispatched. Bass has an overwhelming advantage in speed and power while also holding the advantage in defense. Bass wins.

Boris Tepes Dracula vs Spirit of Fire

Boris Tepes Dracula makes his debut on the blog and while he is an impressive fighter, it just won’t be enough to win. Boris has a solid level of speed which is his advantage in this fight, but the Spirit of Fire is far too durable and one good shot may incinerate Boris. The Spirit of Fire is one of the elementals after all! Spirit of Fire wins.