Tai vs Joe

Joe always tried to be the calm and collected member of the group, but you can’t deny that it was Tai who made all of the tough calls. Joe just isn’t as much of a leader as Tai. Tai’s digimon skills are second to none when it comes to battling. This is one match that Joe can’t win. Tai wins.

Tai vs Sora (Digimon)

Sora (Digimon) has a pretty tough digimon, but there are very few digimon who can hope to rival Wargreymon! Wargreymon has his Terra Force which can wipe out many opponents in an instant. Sora (Digimon) may be out of her league in this round, but she’ll be back. Tai wins.

Tai vs Bass


Tai is back, but he’s not back for a win. Taking down someone like Bass is not an easy feat to say the least. Bass is invincible and can take down anyone in a heartbeat. That’s just how skilled he is. One blast and anyone in his way is reduced to ash. Tai has War Greymon, but it’s not enough. Bass wins.

Tai vs Matt

Tai is a digimon trainer of immense power. With his Agumon there are few opponents who can take him down. They just didn’t have the skills. Of course Matt is also an epic trainer. He has the skilled Gabumon who can turn into the legendary Omnimon! Of course, so can Agumon. Plus Agumon can turn into War Greymon! Matt and Tai will always be rivals, but Tai takes the match. In a fist fight with Matt he may lose, but in a battle of digimon stopping him is pretty much impossible. Tai wins.