The BioLizard vs Tarantula

Suggested by Destroyer The Tarantula is a slippery fellow who can land some decent hits in against a street fighter but not a Kaiju like the BioLizard. This match will be over as soon as it has begun because one good hit can change the whole game. I don’t see Tarantula being able to survive even a single energy blast. It would all just be too much for him and so that would be game over. The BioLizard wins.

Tarantula vs Lazerman

Suggested by Destroyer Tarantula is a decent fighter but he is certainly no Lazerman. Lazerman would have a very easy time bringing him down to size. Tarantula is fast but Lazerman is faster. Tarantula is strong, but Lazerman is stronger. I just don’t see how he can claim victory. Lazerman wins.

Gon vs Tarantula

Tarantula is better than some of the other Spiderman villains. Of course he can’t beat Gon. Gon is just too strong. Now Tarantula joins the 0-1’s which are still the biggest group. No one knows who Gon will fight next but what we do know is no one can top Tarantula. Gon wins.