Elder Toguro vs Yomi

Suggested by iKnowledge Elder Toguro is extremely dangerous because his regeneration pretty much has no limits. The guy’s been scattered into dozens of pieces and completely squashed, but always gets back up. That being said, he has never dealt with someone who possessed as much raw power as Yomi. Yomi could obliterate him with a powerful energy blast and the fight would be over in an instant. No regeneration can protect you from something like that. Yomi wins.


Superman vs Yomi

Suggested by iKnowledge Superman is the strongest comic book character of all time. His strength is transcendent and his speed is crazy. That being said, Yomi can more than hold his own against the Man of Steel. Superman will have a tough time keeping up with his efficient moves. Moreover, Yomi’s energy barrier will block Superman’s attacks. Yomi has earned his title of S Rank Demon and that makes him too much for Superman to handle. Superman just doesn’t have what it takes this time. Yomi wins.

Yusuke vs Yomi

Yomi was one of Yusuke’s final opponents and seemed to be pretty near unbeatable. Still, I don’t see him taking down someone as powerful as Yusuke. Yusuke has his Spirit Gun at his disposal and his battle experience is legendary. Yusuke rises up the ranks with this win. Yusuke wins.