Agent Graves vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Graves has returned once more and now he is up against the Chunk. The Chunk somehow managed to give the Flash a fight back in the day so we shouldn’t underestimate him too much. That being said I would put the Chunk considerably ahead of Graves. He can spit out diamonds and use his gravity ability to really put the squeeze on Graves. I don’t see him being able to do a whole lot against such an ability. Chunk wins.

Agent Graves vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Agent Graves is an old man who rarely has a need to fight because of how persuasive he can be. The guy is always a few steps ahead of the rest although he does have a gun for when things get personal. That won’t be enough to stop Howard though. Howard has a gun of his own and he is certainly in better shape for a big fight. Graves will be going to his grave in this fight as his chances of victory are slim to none. Howard Aguello wins.

Gon vs Agent Graves

Agent Graves makes his blog debut, but it will have to be with a loss since he can’t hope to defeat Gon. Gon is a pretty powerful opponent and he should definitely not be underestimated in this round. Agent Graves has a gun of course, but such devices are useless against an opponent like Gon. Gon wins.