Byakuya vs Shion

Shion just doesn’t have the powers to take on Byakuya. Byakuya is too powerful for her and always will be. She just doesn’t have the skills that she needs to win. Byakuya wins.

Ash vs Byakuya

This is a tribute to Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Ash Ketchum from pokemon may have more powers than he lets on. For instance he went from being 12 to 10. That means he can become younger if he wants, of course that can’t save him. Byakuya wins.

Byakuya vs Nohime

Byakuya’s senbonzakura would be enough to defeat Nohime. She just can’t compete with his skills and her speed isn’t at his level. She relies on a gun and that’s just not enough to match up against such a powerful captain. Byakuya gets another victory with this round. Byakuya wins.