Pillsbury Doughboy vs Death

The Pillsbury Doughboy makes his debut fight in this round! He’s not much of a fighter and lacks the size advantage. Death isn’t the best fighter either, but she can still take down the Pillsbury Doughboy. Death takes the win and rises up the ranks. Maybe Pillsbury Doughboy will be back someday. Death wins.

Thanos vs Death

Thanos is pretty powerful and has taken on the Avengers in the past! Death is usually around, but she doesn’t really get to fight much. Her abilities pale in comparison to Thanos’s and she loses this match pretty quickly. Perhaps one day she will gain super powers to rival Thanos’s. Thanos wins.

Gemini Saga vs Death

Death hasn’t fought in a while. Her mastery over death itself can’t be questioned, but she can’t exactly fight much. She has little to no hand to hand experience that I’m aware of, and she definitely doesn’t have Gemini Saga’s speed. His speed is extremely high and he takes this match. Gemini Saga wins.

Bass vs Death

Death may be powerful……but she still can’t beat Bass. One energy punch and she’s down for the count. She just doesn’t have the power too take down Bass. Bass is the ultimate being of power. He has never lost on the blog, and he never will lose. He’s just far too powerful! Death loses this round. Bass wins.